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    Business Effectiveness Evaluation

    The Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE) assists business executives and middle management in evaluating the effectiveness of their team and business. It addresses the areas of: marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, business systems, profit margins, financial management, leadership and work/life balance. It is used to determine “Key Initiatives” during the evaluation and assessment processes.

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    Personal and Personnel Behavioral Styles Assessment by Extended DISC

    This is an extremely valuable tool in assessing the personality traits of your team members, as well as identifying their strengths and weaknesses. “Behavior Style Evaluation” builds better teams by identifying specific behavior tendencies that allow each to better understand the other and to allow individuals to modify their own behaviors in light of their natural tendencies. These custom assessments can be tailored individually for leadership, sales, management, or other positions.

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    Financial Intelligence Business Benchmarking by Fintel

    Fintel has access to the world’s largest and most accurate data base of privately-held small businesses. Use this data-base to benchmark your company against your competitors. You can identify exactly what to do to increase cash flow, determine how the company can increase ROI and compute your company’s capital needs. Fintel allows you to move forward, confidently, with “Financial Intelligence.”

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    Employee Assessment

    Profiles International provides a comprehensive array of “Employee Assessment Instruments” used to put people in the right jobs. It helps managers lead, coach, and motivate effectively, while helping all employees direct their efforts to achieve greater productivity and profitability.

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Barbera Advisors

Ed BarberaEd Barbera, Founder/Managing Partner.   With over 27 years of experience in acquiring operating companies, capital formation and/or developing, investing in and operating startup companies, Ed has been there, done that.  He can deliver succinct, timely and valuable guidance to you and your team.

Some of his experience:

  • Peat|Marwick|Mitchell (International Consultants): Senior Consultant
  • Colorado Auto Auction (National Wholesale Company): General Manager-Operations, $50 million annual sales, 125 employees
  • Altitude Wholesale Company (National Distribution Company):  Founder/CEO/CFO/VP-Sales, $89 million annual sales, 50 employees
  • Severn Wholesale (National Distribution Company):Owner/CEO/CFO, $27 million annual sales, 18 employees
  • Zolo Technologies (International Manufacturer & Distributor):  Founder/CEO, raised $77 million, 90 employees
  • Quanta Aesthetic Lasers USA (National Aesthetic Laser Distributor): Founder/Chairman/CFO, Exclusive United States distribution of Quanta aesthetic products from Milan, Italy - Quanta S.P.A
  • Accure Acne, Inc. Founder/President/CFO/Board Member.  Unique acne solution in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital

Ed has also served clients as an Independent Consultant in the areas of assessment of companies for independent investors, growth strategy, business model assessment, business planning, restructuring, growth financing, personnel, and operational issues. His efforts have helped companies change direction and improve profitability.

He has a passion for helping individuals as well as businesses. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in accounting from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, became a Certified Public Accountant and has been a member of the National and Colorado Societies of CPA’s. He is also a certified through the Professional Business Coaching Alliance (PBCA).

Ed is active in the community and with his church, was a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and is currently a member of World Presidents Organization (WPO). He resides in Denver, Co with wife Andrea, and daughter Nicole.

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